Friday, May 24, 2019

Page Specific Utilities

First things first. Yes, it' has been to long since I wrote my last blog post. But you know what, it's not like I didn't had time or something like was just that I lost my login credentials for

Today I walked to the office and suddenly I remembered what my credentials are, and I also got an idea for a new blog post. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was a really nice walk...who knows :)

I'm working with APEX for many years now and here and there I "discover" things that are there, I guess for ages, but somehow I have overlooked them. My last presentation that I did was "It's good to know your APEX backyard" for the APEX Alpe Adria conference. In this presentation I talked about that APEX is not only Page Designer, where we spend most of our time when working with APEX. But there is so much more then Page Designer. As part of the presentation I also covered Application Utilities and on the page with Page Utilities you can see utilities like Application Dashboard, Upgrade Application,... But for me the best part was/is, the part rounded with the red color: Page Specific Utilities

For me this was a really nice discovery. Why discovery? I would say that you don't notice ( maybe it's just me ) the Page Specific Utilities right away. They are there on the page but a bit left out on the side and I would really like to see them more visible. Simply because they are so useful. So take a bit of your time to check them out, it's worth it. 

I will not cover all the Page Specific Utilities in this blog post, I will just highlight my personal top 3. 

1. Region Utilities > Grid Edit all No Data Found Messages

With this you can edit ALL "No Data Found" messages on a single page.

2. Process Utilities > Grid Edit of all Process Messages

Similar to the previous, only that in this case you can edit all Process messages...again on a single page.

3. Region Utilities > Update Interactive Report Settings

This is actually my favorite Page Specific Utility. You can see Interactive Report Settings of all Interactive reports and you can also manipulate this settings...again on a single page.